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Wise Instruction exists to compassionately serve educators, parents, and those in transition by infusing Wisdom into everyday conversations, decisions, and challenges.

Lora Rooks


Lora first began studying Proverbs at age fourteen, and hundreds of times since. 


Ms. Rooks is a twenty-two year career educator in multiple sectors: public, private, American, and international.  She has taught kindergarteners to PhDs in a range of subjects: basic literacy and elementary skills, drama, business writing, English literature, Western culture, critical thinking, public speaking, and debate. Most of her courses were developed with little to no curriculum provided but excellent student outcomes.


Rooks graduated Suma Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and has served in the American public school system for fifteen years. While teaching abroad, she obtained certification and a graduate degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Wheaton College and Azusa Pacific University. Lora trained as a foreign expert in an East Asian university and in three international schools.  She currently mentors middle school writers online.


A cross-cultural bridge, Rooks is a trained life and leadership coach through Coaching Mission International.  Lora loves her colleagues and wishes she could meet you for coffee to hear your classroom story—but will settle for reader feedback.  As a self-published author, your online review is deeply appreciated.  

My Philosophy

As I tell my students, I believe smart people ask questions.  What's more, to get a meaningful answer requires asking a thoughtful and sometimes challenging question.  I will help you ask questions to get to the heart of your circumstance and form a solution.

My coaching style is tactical, practical, and intentional.  A successful coaching experience is like engaging on a deeper level with a trusted friend.   Personal growth lies in together processing a situation and calling on Wisdom to get involved.  Fellowship in hard places provides helpful perspective.

 ​​Coaching is not advice-giving, but I can share what has worked for that is what you need.  My moral compass is based on the Holy Bible and my understanding of its application.  Ultimately, your action steps are up to you.  Connect with me today and let's clear a path forward and tackle your situation with Wisdom.

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