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Burning Questions Poll

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

What do you want to ask Ms. Rooks?!

I am considering adding a FAQ section to this blog. There are 10 questions below.

I would love it if you would tell me your top 3 questions from this list below. You may also add your own burning questions re: education of children to

I sooo look forward to your feedback! Thanks!

Hello again, friends! This survey is for you parents teaching at home right now...but my professional colleagues can jump in, too.

What is your burning question for "Ask Ms. Rooks"?

1) My child(ren) is young and hyper. How can I homeschool while having to work from home?

2) My teen is online almost all day. Advice?

3) I have a special needs child with significant learning and/or developmental issues. How do I teach them from home?

4) What can I do to advocate for my child and support their school experience?

5) Do we really need to do all of this homework?! Any of it?

6) Help! I have multiple children with a wide age range. How can I organize the at home schooling during the lockdown?

7) I am a single parent and stressed out. How can I navigate my child’s schooling alone?

How will the extra technology affect my child? Should I be concerned?

9) How can I simplify schooling at home?

10) Money is tight. What does my child really need for school—during or after the national lockdown?


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